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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this, they are not acting like children, unfortunately, they are acting exactly like adults. thanks for watching. thanks for watching. anderson cooper 360 starts now. -- captions by vitac -- erin thanks. breaking development in two stories. the first, there may be a sliver of hope, a sliver that might open up as a way to end the impact. cnn learned within the quote coming days the u.s. will stop military aid to equipment and that could have an effect on the long-term relationship with egypt and allies and enemies in the region. that story coming up. more on the breaking news from capitol hill. neither side seeming to budge. >> the only thing i will say is we're not paying a ransom for america paying bills. that's something that should be
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non-negotiable and everybody should agree on that. everybody should say one of the most valuable things we have is america's credit worthiness. this is not something we should even come close to fooling around with. >> it's president obama just this afternoon and this from house speaker boehner. >> the long and short of it is, there is going to be a negotiation here. we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what is driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our means. >> those were the sound bites that got the big headlines, however, as the day went on we got signs the republican side was latching on to something as a possible way out of or at least part of the crisis. dana bash and john acosta working their sides. dana, tell us about this ray of hope for a possible compromise. >> anderson, i have two senior house republican sources saying
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house republicans may be willing to go along with the short-term increase in the debt ceiling to buy time to negotiate a package of reforms to address the debt and deficit. they were reacting to the president saying he would be open to that. to be clear, this is still a chicken or egg situation, which will come first? the president and congressional democrats are insisting they will not negotiate on anything until the debt ceiling is raised and the government is reopened. republicans are still saying they won't pass either, unless they are guaranteed the debt deficit is addressed. the mechanics have to be artfully and carefully worked out. how it would happen is a big question because they aren't talking at all behind the scenes, i'm told nothing subtentative. this is going through us and other sources. >> that's fascinating. no conversations behind the scenes, each side negotiating through the media. >> i'm told that substative direct conversation behind the
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scenes is non-exist tent now. white house officials are calling ceos asking them to call house republicans to convey messages to stay true to the promise they won't talk. you remember a couple years ago, there was a story in the "new york times" about how the obama white house banned lobbyist from getting through the gates and they met at a coffee shop across the street? >> right. >> a republican source i talked to said this is like the carrabo congress. >> would this be about obama care or is that a no-go? >> that's a good question. my impression now is they are so far away from the concept of obama care being part of a deal that probably wouldn't be and certainly obviously the democrats would never agree to that, and we all know that john boehner and his -- most of his fellow republican leaders didn't
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want to go down that road to begin with. the focus, i think, still, and then this is very, very early. i don't know if they got this far, would be focused on things they can agree on. >> right. >> things that are directly due to the budget and deficit. >> jim, so the president opened this door to a short-term extension of the debt ceiling and white house officials came out with a word of caution on it. what are you hearing? >> that's right. what they basically said, anderson, i talked to an official after the press conference. they want to make sure house republicans understand this, that if the president agrees to a brief temporary short-term debt ceiling increase, that is not an invitation to extract more concessions and get into negotiations with republicans again with the debt ceiling clock ticking down to zero. what they say is if house republicans in a second debt ceiling scenario start talking
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on day 18 of let's say a 21 day debt ceiling increase about wanting concessions and so forth, we could get to a critical stage as white house officials and house republicans will have to pass something that will extend the debt ceiling for a year. something else the president said that was interesting and you had to go back to the tape and look, the president said he was willing to attach something, some kind of discussion, mandatory discussions that would have to take place after a clean continuing resolution is passed, after a clean debt ceiling is passed. what that means, we have no idea but he is committing himself to some kind of discussion process that would take place once they get the threat of default and once they get the government reopened again. >> it's really interesting, dana, because there is so much lack of trust certainly by republicans and democrats and democrats and republicans but we're hearing from republicans that if the deadline is off the table, if there is a short-term
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extension, that the president wouldn't have anything to negotiate. >> that's exactly what -- if this sees any kind of fruition, that's what the concerns of many republicans will be, which is why if they do go down this road, i was told by one of the republican sources i spoke to tonight that there would have to be parameters, clear parameters because of that and also because there is such a trust deficit. it is really, really ugly. what you're seeing in public is half of what we're hearing in private. they are just very angry at each other and, you know, legislating is the art of compromise and the art of relationships and you have to have a little trust and it's just not there now. >> dana bash, appreciate the update and jim acosta, as well. i want to bring in paul, rich, alice steward, spokesperson for the 2012 botch man and santorum
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candidates. >> i think dana is exactly right. the real problem is a trust problem and enormous. at the focal point of it is speaker boehner, senator reed does not trust speaker boehner and i doubt the president does. harry reid sat down in september with boehner and cut the deal and compromised and negotiated and speaker boehner asked harry reid to get the senate democrats to vote for republican levels of cuts, huge cuts democrats would never support in the normal course of business but to get a deal and make a down payment on the debt and deficit, agree to do so. the democrats swallowed hard and voted for it and boehner broke his word. he won't put it on the floor now, even though cnn's vote says it would pass. that's why harry reid doesn't trust him. i suspect that's why the president doesn't want to negotiate with him because he won't keep his word or can't deliver. newt gingrich, when he made a deal, he stuck to the deal. >> say look, harry reid
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compromised did negotiate and was double crossed, basically. >> i'm not so sure that we know the details of that. what happens in these sessions as paul knows too painfully well, as i do, that these guys throw out ideas and say we can go for that. probably not that but we can do this and that and that and then everybody takes a break for lunch and somebody walks out and there is dave standing outside the door and say what are you talking about? this happened and that happened and that's established gospel when no decision was made and tossing out ideas. i don't know whether the leaks -- the e-mails, whatever it was that harry reid leaked were the final word or whether they were works in progress. so i would be careful saying they don't trust each other because of that instance. >> i think you're being charitable when you say work in progress. >> a short-term deal without on session, will conservative members of the house be able to
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get behind that? >> i don't see that happening. here is the problem, we have the president out there for the past couple days saying let's talk, i'll talk about anything, health care, the economy, jobs. but he can't say that with a straight face while at the same time he's saying well, i'm not going to have any kind of negotiation unless we have a clean funding -- spending bill and we raise the debt limit. as dana said, legislation is about negotiating and we can't continue to seriously have everyone come to the table when there is no table. there is no chairs. there is no place to start from and he's basically forcing and urging and depending an unconditional surrenderer. that's not a historical president when we talk about debt limits and funding the government, there is always an attachment because both sides have leverage and he cannot take that away from republicans. >> paul, what about this is the way it's been done in the past?
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the president says look, we can't negotiate with a gun to our head but is that how it's done? >> this is the thing. a congressional leader in the democratic party told me this at the beginning of this, they are too dumb to take yes for an answer, too dumb to know they have won. the notion, though, that -- keeping the government open and paying our dents is somehow a concession to the democrats to the republicans, democrats feel like they have given on huge budget cuts and they have. republicans feel like they don't get anything unless they also somehow get credit for paying the bills and keeping the government open. the democrats don't feel like that's something that should count against them as a concession or count for the republica republicans, rather for a concession. they feel like that's what every congress of both parties has to do. let's talk about funding levels. we gave you funding levels, why won't you put up for a vote. >> there has to be a give on both sides to get this moving
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forward, do you see something moving forward where obama care, you know, changing it is off the table, but maybe there is movement on money, on the debt, on something? >> perhaps some process thing like super committee to the seek wel -- maybe some process like that. but you just can't go back on your word if you want to be a successful legislator. the whole place is built on those four words, a deal is a deal. you don't have to make a deal, but once you do, you have to honor the deal. >> i don't disagree with paul but i'm not clear on who made what deal and when because wood ward said the president went back on a deal, too. if we go back on deals, everybody has a piece of the pie. it may well be that something unrelated to any of this is opening that somebody smart
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enough to say let's don't keep score that y, let's keep score this way. what if we come to the table with all the big things still dangling over our heads but let's see if we can't agree on something that the real but not -- not related to these things just to get the conversation started. >> right. >> and i think that's likelyali president obama said he doesn't have the votes to pass a clean sr. they said they would vote for it. even if the count is off, t strategically, why not bring the vote to the floor? if speaker boehner says the votes are not there, isn't it strategically in the republican's, to their benefit to bring it to the floor, have it fail and that takes away the democrat's argument of them screaming bring this to the floor for a vote? >> no, boehner can't control the floor. boehner lost control of everything. we need a new speaker. that would be the equivalent of
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a no confidence vote in the british parliament. i think that would be as we used to say in college debate a new and greater evil. >> alice, do you agree with that? >> having a conversation about a clean c.r., if boehner doesn't want to have that and pushing to have some type of leverage in this conversation whether the shutdown or moving forward with the debt limit, there needs to be some strings attached when talking about the shutdown. the republicans are looking at what the majority of people want. they want to keep the government open, which is what republicans fought for and are concerned about obama care and want to make that fair and level and if it's delayed -- >> but you make it sound like it about ego, now it's a show -- they are losing face. >> careful here. >> isn't that -- i mean, paul, why not strategically bring it to the floor and take away that argument from the democrats if it fails? >> of course, because if he
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brought it to the floor it would pass and become a law and we have republican levels of spending cuts and the notion john boehner doesn't want to surrenderer, john boehner is the muhammad ali of surrender r. he surrenderers every day of his job. most believe speaker boehner could do a responsible thing and cut a moderate deal -- >> i'm not -- >> he may -- >> surrenderer to the good guys because he already surrendered to the bad guys. >> that might have been correct, but i think what he quickly figured out that if he couldn't get the tea party caucus on board and a lot of his colleagues didn't want to go head-to-head with the tea party within the caucus or conference, that what he's doing now is rolling this out to the debt limit where he does have more room to maneuver. so i think, actually, he's been smart about it. >> we have to leave it there. thanks. more breaking news, very busy night. we just learned from a senior white house official president obama will name janet yellen to
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succeed ben bernanke. the final announcement expected tomorrow. if confirmed, ms. yellen will be the first woman to run the fed. currently she serves as vice chair. as we said, more breaking news, a couple -- after a coo and a crackdown the the white house deciding to pull the plug on military aid to egypt. the impact of cutting off the biggest ally in the arab world. what could be worse than a new york undercover police officer allegedly witnessing this attack and doing nothing to stop it? how about a new york undercover cop allegedly taking part on the assault. it takes another bizarre shocking turn. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters.
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america deals with the entire arab world after decades of supporting egypt through revolution and most recently through a military coop. jim has the story and joins us with the latest. what are we learning? >> a u.s. official says a decision is made to suspend some military aid to egypt. the egyptians haven't been told yet but this is significant. $1.5 billion in aid a year to egypt. a third of the $500 million in military aid, much of that aid has been suspended as the ad minute station is conducted a review and administration appears to have come to a decision to suspend the aid. >> so is that all military aid or some? >> the decision is to suspend a third of the $1.5 billion a year in total aid to egypt. so why now?
5:20 pm
administration, the violent crack down on the protesters and the coup, administration wouldn't call it a coup because they didn't want to make a rash decision and put this aid under review. it's been under review. they made a decision to go ahead and suspend it. >> is it clear at this point what this means for u.s. egypt relations because that money can be made up by gulf states. >> that's the point. the gulf states made that point and some egyptian leaders said if the u.s. suspends aid, we'll have no problem because the sod did -- saudis and others will step up and replace. this is an extremely risky decision for the u.s. to make. so many things rely on egypt, the peace agreement with israel, an important delicate relationship. officials won't like that and said that on the record already as this was considered. the ramifications we'll find out over the next several weeks and months. >> let's talk about ben, he probably spent more time in
5:21 pm
cairo and robin wright, arab affairs analyst and woodro wilson center. you heard the reporting, a big step by the white house. what is your reaction? >> this has have been coming for awhile and president obama said he was slowing down aid to equipment in the address to the united nations. the united states is disillusioned with the way the military leadership has cracked down with it's own people. over 1,000 died after the military coup and over the past week, you've seen dozens more killed in confrontations and the egyptian government proved to be unwilling to discuss with the united states and been belligerent in talking about the troubled relationship and the fact egypt will make its own decision asks not listen to the united states or asking of it. >> ben, what kind of impact do you think this can have? >> immediately, probably the
5:22 pm
egyptian government is going to find its going to gain somewhat in terms of local public opinioopinio opinio opinions. egyptians i've been in touch with about this decision of announcement from the united states about cutting aid seemed to react positively. there seems to be a lot of frustration with the united states given its role in egypt over the last two and a half years since the revolution. but obviously, it's going to get very complicated because an under pinning of u.s. aid to egypt was the camp david of cords and this really does throw into question whether egypt will continue to compile with these peace agreements between egypt and israel that goes back to the late 1970s. so this is quite a serious development. >> robin, do you agree with that
5:23 pm
that this could impact the peace agreements? >> well, that's the real danger. we forget egypt, sometimes egypt is not only the political trend setter in the arab world but the corner stone of the peace process and the u.s. aid really was started in the aftermath of the camp david accords in the late 1970s and the u.s. investment has been not only to buy political influence on the egyptian government but also to ensure that it compiled with peace -- the peace treaty, which without egypt involved with israel, it's hard to believe other arabs would be willing to engage with israel and think about the peace process, the palestinians and lebanon or syria some day down the road. >> ben, is america less liked than they were? i mean, even in the worst of times? >> dramatically so. i don't think in the entire time i've been covering egypt over the last 20 years, i've seen relations so bad as they are
5:24 pm
now, and there is sort of the general impression among many egyptians that the united states was backing the muslim brotherhood, and president mohamed morsi until he was deposed on the 3rd of july and important to keep in mind that the gulf states, kuwait, saudi arabia pump billions of dollars into egypt since the over throw of morsi, well over $12 billion, therefore for the egyptian government, a cut off in u.s. aid is symbolically significant but in terms of the actual amount of money they are getting, it will not make a big difference. gulf states, as i said, are actually giving egypt quite a lot of money at the moment. >> yeah, making up the gap. ben, appreciate your reporting, robin wright, thanks for being with us. up next, a busy night and we
5:25 pm
meant it. more breaking news, a major arrest in the violent confrontation between bikers and the driver of the suv. an arrest that shocked just about everyone. also ahead, a 360 exclusive, new evidence in the death of kendrick johnson whose parents are convinced their child was murdered. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. breaking news tonight, some pretty stunning developments in the investigation of a violent confrontation begwentween a motorcyclist and suv. law enforcement official tells cnn he was caught on video
5:29 pm
pounding on the range rover when it came to a stop. the video has not been released but this video caught everyone's attention, one biker using the held tonight bash in the driver's side window and this new video shows some bikers kicking and stomping the driver after he was pulled from the suv. he is laying in the street and his face bloodied. sergio, the good samaritan holding a folder in his hand come to the driver's aid and spoke to the driver. he was compelled to step in and do something. susan has tonight's breaking news. what have we learned? >> today, anderson, it's never a good thing when police have to arrest one of their own but tonight he's charged with two felonies, one charge is criminal mischief and the other is riot, which by statute means if there is a large group of people, ten people or more, violent conduct is involved and cretuating a grave risk to other people on hand. we haven't seen it publicly yet,
5:30 pm
but a law enforcement source says he's seen on camera pounding a vehicle, and so we know that he's also been with the force, anderson, several years. he's not straight out of the academy, he's 3 two years old. >> was he there working under cover, or was he there off duty and a motorcycle enthusiasts. >> my sources say the latter. off duty, out for a ride as people often do in this annual rally and witnessed what happened, and according to police now, according to prosecutors, he was also a participant. >> and police are still looking for more people involved, right? >> they are. they are looking for at least -- not looking for more. remember the video of alexi being pounded and kicked, they released four stills and at least one other police officer may be charged and possibly more. >> you spoke with a lawyer for the man that posted the original
5:31 pm
video. what does his client say? >> he's saying he was shocked by the whole thing. remember, he didn't call the police immediately with this video. he posted it online. but when police tracked him down, he said he willingly handed everything over and they confiscated everything. this is the helmet cam guy that shot everything from start to finish. >> the video seems to shut off right when the beating is about to begin. is that just coincidence the lawyer claiming? >> yeah, he said he was so shocked what was going on he turned off and had a problem with the battery and maybe what is more interesting what happened at the beginning. he said that at first, what started all this, is he noticed the driver of the suv opened up the sunroof and threw out a water bottle and the suv starting to swerve and he thought -- and it hit one of the bikers, the water bottle so he thought it might be trouble and that's when he started the
5:32 pm
camera rolling. >> we're learning new details every day. let's get more stories on others. steve knee has the 360 bulletin. new information what was found in a connecticut woman's car after she rammed barricades. court documents show her driver's license, passport, social security card, foreign currency and keys and lease agreement. police killed 34-year-old miriam carey during the chase. her 1-year-old daughter was in the car but not hurt. divers found what are believed to be human remains from the cruise ship that capsized off the italian coast in 2012. they thought they found human remains but those were later determined to be animal remains. >> a spokesman for the minneapolis st. paul airport says the 9-year-old boy that hopped a flight to vegas without a ticket was able to get on the plane by sneaking past a
5:33 pm
distracted delta gate agent. the boy's mother reportedly works at that airport. >> interesting. stephanie, thanks very much. up next, exclusive new details about the death of a georgia taeenager. they say his death was an accident but his family says he was murdered and have photos to prove it. after nine months of rape and abuse she was able to out smart captors and save her life. 'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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what really happened to kendrick johnson? his death an accident or a murder sn murder? the circumstances are strange and don't seem to add up. his parents are convinced somebody killed him and the evidence is hidden. his body found upside down in a rolled up wrestling mat in the gym in january. his parents had doubts and had his body exhumed that concluded kendrick died of blunt force trama. exclusive information, disturbing evidence, photos and videos that raise questions and some of the video you're about to see is graphic, difficult to watch. here is victor's report. >> reporter: it's the only video shot inside the high school gym the day 17-year-old kendrick johnson was found dead and with his parents approval, we're
5:38 pm
showing it for the first time. georgia investigators say his death was a tragic accident, he climbed on to these rolled gym mats to reach for the center of this shoe in one mat, slipped got stuck upside down and died. the blood in this video spilled after his heart stopped pumping. but his parents show the photo and video show something else. >> there is enough evidence to show that kendrick was murdered. >> reporter: cnn has clexclusivy obtained the video and more than 700 photos taken of the scene by investigators and for the first time kenneth and jackelyn johnson are ready to look at them, including these pictures of orange and black gym shows investigators found yards from his body. >> did these shoes belong to kendrick? >> no. >> reporter: when you look at these shoes at the scene, what stands out to you? >> blood on the shoe. >> reporter: but investigators
5:39 pm
say tests show the stains are something other than blood so the shoes were not collected as potential evidence. >> i don't understand why -- >> reporter: cnn took the photos to independent private investigator and special agent harold copus. if you were on the scene, would you have left it? >> no, bag and tag. >> reporter: there is no indication investigators looked for the owner of the shoes or this hooded sweatshirt found a few feet from his body. >> if you look real close, there is something on this particular cuff, and then the question is was it blood? did you test it. >> reporter: according to the crime lab report, no. >> they know something happened in that gym, and they don't want it to come out. >> reporter: for the johnsons, there is no stranger indicator than this photo, it's what appears to be blood dripping down a wall. here is what the lieutenant told cnn about that wall in may. >> we tested it and it was
5:40 pm
blood. we did dna testing and it was not the blood of kendrick johnson. >> if it wasn't kendrick's blood, whose was it. >> reporter: have you found -- >> it doesn't appear to be related to our crime in any way. >> reporter: what do you think about the decision not to test it further? >> you can't explain it. if you're running the crime scene, then you're going to say that's potential evidence, obviously, we are going to check this out and find out who does it belong to. >> this is an athletic gym. obviously, this is where they conduct various athletic classes and instructions at. >> a kid couldn't scrape their knee or arm or something and got that much blood on the wall. >> there is one, two, three, four, five, six impacts. >> reporter: the opinion of the crime scene personnel, the blood appeared to be there for an extended period of time. it didn't appear to be fresh. >> school gym, there is no way
5:41 pm
that they would allow whoever was supposed to clean this gym to leave that blood on that wall. >> reporter: and the question why was there no blood where they expected to see lots of blood? remember the photo of that shoe investigators say was inches below kendrick's head? look at it again. >> if he was inside the mat reaching for that shoe inside this shoe, reaching for the shoe and the shoe is beneath him, why isn't that shoe covered with blood? >> and what do you think about that shoe not being covered with blood? >> it was placed there. >> reporter: sheriff ryan? hi. victor blackwell, cnn. >> chris brian. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has denied a coverup but we took the johnson's concerns to chris. got some questions about the kendrick johnson case. >> i'm not going to discuss that with you. >> reporter: why not, sir? >> because the case is closed. >> reporter: the family is
5:42 pm
concerned why some things were not taken into evidence. there was blood on the wall. >> i'm not going to discuss the case with you. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i don't want to. >> reporter: less than a minute after he invited us in. >> what did you not understand that i said? i'm through talking to you. >> reporter: he ushered us out. >> thank you sheriff brian. >> i don't believe this was an accident. i believe this young man met with foul play. >> reporter: the justice department is looking at pictures and videos to decide whether it will launch a federal investigation but for his father, the evidence is clear. >> someone murdered him, they should be in jail. they are covering up, they should be in jail. >> victor blackwell joins us now. so the former fbi agent says the crime scene was contaminated, how so? >> he says it's crime scene 101 when you're on a scene investigating, you wear shoe protectors, the blue booties on crime shows on television.
5:43 pm
look at these pictures, you can see here these investigators are not wearing the shoe protectors and not so much to protect the scene, rather to protect your shoes but to protect the scene from anything you can track in and copus says because they are not wearing them, this scene was obviously contaminated. >> clearly, you tried to talk to the sheriff there and they didn't want to talk. is there anyone tied to the investigation that did want to talk? >> we asked about the blood on the wall and how long it had been there, also, i mean, if the theory is true he slipped into the mats after climbing on the bleacher to get the shoe, are the mats still there? answer to most of our questions, we're cooperating with the georgia burro of investigations. he wouldn't go further tan that. >> you would think someone that works at the school would say yeah, i remember when a student bled over the wall in six different places or not. it would be interesting to hear if they have been talked to. what about the department of
5:44 pm
justice? where are they in the status? >> the u.s. attorney, michael moore, we've stopoken with him d he said he's reviewing the information and he is going to work to decide if he'll open a criminal investigation. now just a few weeks ago, we heard from the civil rights division that said they will not open an investigation through their department, but it still could be opened as a criminal investigation. michael moore says he could come up with that decision in a week or in a month. he doesn't feel rushed. he wants to make sure to get it right. >> victor blackwell, appreciate the update. up next, more of my conversation with elizabeth smart, 11 years after being kidnapped and held captive. how she kept hope during the horrific abuse and how it felt to getting so close to be rescued when a police officer approached her but ultimately walked away. >> it felt like i was being kidnapped all over again. i mean, it felt like i was being stolen from my family again and
5:45 pm
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welcome back. in tonight's big part of the 360, smart was just 14 years old of course when she was kidnapped from her bedroom and held captive. she's 25 and for the first time speaking out about the horror she endured for nine months including torture, starvation and daily rape. she writes in "my story." an incredible story, unimaginable suffering and resilience how she survived and a beacon of hope for other survivors. >> i've talked to people being kidnapped in all different places around the world and each person comes up with some sort of thing that gets them through whether minute by minute or second by second or day by day. >> for me, it was my family. it was knowing that because i had felt so broken after the first time he raped me, i felt so -- like i had lost all my value and how could anyone
5:50 pm
accept me back? but after that, moments after that, i realized that there is one thing that will never change and that is my family's love for me. they will always be my family. they will always love me. they will always accept me. >> they were talking about going to new york, to boston and you thought we got to get back -- >> we have to get back to salt lake. there is no way anyone will find me if we don't. there is every reason in the world for that to be the last place for them to go. >> to return to the scene of the crime. >> yeah, yeah, so i thought about it and i thought about how -- how my two captors had manipulated everyone around them to get exactly what they wanted, to justify everything they did, and i mean, i knew it was wrong, but i remember just praying if this works this one time, i will never do this again. so i remember turning around and facing my captors and just telling them, i just -- i have this feeling and i know that god would never speak to me but i
5:51 pm
know he'll speak to you because you're his serve vant, you're practicely his best friend. can you please ask him if we're supposed to go back to salt lake because this feeling just won't leave me and this is just crazy coming from me but if you ask him, i know he'll tell you. and so he did end up asking and that was how it was decided we would go back to salt lake. >> there was a time when i think you were in a library and a police officer approached you and this man that had taken you. what was going through your mind then? >> as soon as we saw him approaching, i was sitting next to him, as soon as the policeman flashed his badge because he was dressed as a civilian, she immediately clamped her hand down on to my leg and in my 14-year-old mind i knew if i did anything or said anything that i would be killed, and then they would go after my family.
5:52 pm
so i sat and prayed and hope and desperate that he would recognize me that somehow he would save me and when he turned around and walked away being 100% convinced that it wasn't me, i mean, it felt like i was being kidnapped all over again, i mean, it felt like i was being stolen from my family again, and being ripped away from my life and my happiness. >> tell me about the day that freedom finally came when some police officers approached. >> uh-huh. >> what happened. >> i remember all these cars pulled up and then the policemen jumped out of the cars and came over and surrounded us and started asking questions and my two captors gave answers and the officers asked me questions and there had been a whole back story prepared by my captors that told me i should say if i was ever questioned so i started giving these answers because they were standing right next to me. i was scared. i was petrified.
5:53 pm
and then one of the officers, he said to this other officer, she's just too scared, we need to separate her from them. she can't answer with them right there. so they separated me and started asking me questions and at first i was still really scared. i kept giving the answers that i had been told to give and then finally, one of the officers said, well, if you're elizabeth smart, your family misses you so much and they love you so much and they have never given up hope on you the entire nine months you were gone. don't you want to go back home to your family? and it was at that point that i felt like well, no matter what the consequences are, i don't care, want to go home. >> so what did you say? >> i told them that i was elizabeth smart. >> what was that feeling like to say your name? i -- you probably had not said your name for a long time.
5:54 pm
>> it was scary. >> scary. >> yeah. it was scary because i didn't know if they thought i had done something wrong or i mean, if they thought i had run away or i didn't know what they were thinking. >> did you know that your family was looking for you? did you know -- because i know you had been told by your cap tomorrows that nobody was looking for you anymore. >> by that point, i didn't think -- i thought maybe my family would still look for me but nobody else because it had just been so long and as far as i knew, nothing had been found. it was like i just disappeared. >> i've talked to your dad a lot over the years and i remember one of the things that he kept stressing because every time a child is returned, we often go to your dad and talk to him and he says that it's important to let the person who has survived and come back in their own time to talk about what has happened.
5:55 pm
do you think that's true? >> being with my family just it couldn't have been any better. i mean, i couldn't have asked for a better dream come true or wish come true, wish granted but then have so many people speculate on what happened and what i must be going through and what -- and just so many well, lies being told. it was -- it was hard. i didn't like it. i don't think anybody likes having people guess at what they are going true. privacy is so sake rate and any time a victim is returned, a survivor is rescued, privacy is one of the greatest gifts we can give them because if they decide to share, that's up to them and they will come forward. >> i talked a couple months ago to sean horn back who was also abducted and returned finally, and one of the things he said that stayed with me, he said this is something that happened
5:56 pm
to me, it's not who i am. does that rest nate with you? >> absolutely. i am not just that girl that was kidnapped. that happened to me, but i'm so much more than just that girl that was kidnapped. >> and your life now? >> i couldn't be happier. i have been married for a year and a half. i mean, i've got -- yeah, couldn't get better than that, right? i've got great dogs, i've got a great family. i mean, i couldn't be happier. >> thank you so much for talking to me. appreciate it thank you for having me. >> elizabeth smart. we'll be right back. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car.
5:57 pm
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hey, that's it for us. we'll see you an hour from now, 10:00 p.m. eastern. ac 360 later and check out at 9:15 we'll have a live chat right there. thanks for watching. thanks for watching. piers morgan live starts now. -- captions by vitac -- this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight breaking news, a glimmer of hope, just a glimmer, don't get too excite the, in the shutdown showdown word members in congress may be considering a deal. no time to waste. the clock at the bottom of the